What Is the Koren Technique?

What Is the Koren Technique?

What Is the Koren Technique?

The Koren Specific Technique (KST) is a revolutionary chiropractic technique. It is named after Dr. Tedd Koren, who discovered it in 2003. The technique uses a specific tool called an ArthroStim. The chiropractor uses this tool to deliver precise and specific adjustments to the patient. In theory, this procedure asks the body where the problem is, and it specifically targets that area for treatment.


What Is an ArthroStim


An ArthroStim is a tool that was developed by IMPAC Technology in Oregon, and it is FDA approved. It works by introducing force and energy into a patient’s body. It aims to remove nerve pressure in a fast but low force. This tool allows the chiropractor to adjust particular areas on the patient without cracking and twisting the whole body. It starts with the skull, spine, discs, then moves to limbs and other body parts. The chiropractor uses it to determine if a body part is misaligned, causing pain, tension, or inflammation.


How Does KST Work?


KST works by promoting the body to self-heal. It is a three-step procedure that includes body analysis, determining problem areas, and treatment of the specific areas. The protocols used help to locate and correct problematic areas. KST works by identifying areas of tension, blockage, pain, stagnation, distortion, and interference in the body. Using acupuncture points, trigger points, and meridians, the chiropractor helps the patient locate and correct the problem.

Other problem areas, such as addictions, allergies, habits, and structural imbalances, are key factors when considering KST. The chiropractor also uses emotional issues, visceral stresses, and other bodily issues to improve bodily functions. The KST can correct issues that are stored in the body from day-to-day experiences.


What Are the Benefits of Using the Koren Technique?


The KST uses gentle applications. It is therefore good to go for everybody from new-born babies to very old people. It does not use a lot of pressure as expected from some chiropractic practices. Most people love the KST because it is gentle yet very effective.

Another advantage of the KST is the immediate results. Patients report that they can feel the effects of the procedure as soon as they receive it. This works well for people who have an active lifestyle. You do not have to save some downtime after the procedure. You can just go on with your life.

The KST is versatile. You can be adjusted as you lie down, stand, or sit. You choose the most comfortable position for you. You also do not require a series of tests before the procedure. You can just walk in and have it without prior X-rays and other extensive tests. People with stubborn spinal problems have reported that the KST worked for them.

The best thing about the KST is that you do not have to be unwell to experience it. It is a wellness procedure that helps people to relax and operate at their peak. Athletes and active people can also use it to help their bodies to achieve the best results.

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